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Maintaining Smooth-Running Elevators That Are Up to Code

Elevators make your building more accessible and allow users to easily move between floors. Keep this convenience available with elevator repair and maintenance from Superior Elevator Technologies Corp. Backed by 35 years of experience, we also offer elevator installation in new or existing structures throughout the Bronx and surrounding areas.

Immediate Repairs

A faulty elevator is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. If your elevator is not operating properly, call our well-qualified technicians. We offer 24-hour repair services with a fast response time.

Monthly Maintenance

Every elevator should be checked monthly by a professional. Our maintenance program is the best way to ensure your elevators are functioning at optimal level.

Code Compliance

Many elevators in New York City do not comply with modern building codes. We bring your elevators up to code and help you meet all of the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Quick Installation

Whether you're constructing a new facility or upgrading a current property, Superior Elevator Technologies Corp is standing by to fulfill your elevator requests. We install complete elevator systems at competitive rates.

Elevator Repair